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Most popular :

1. Offline Mode (Runs even if your server is down!)
2. Shrink Building
3. Deposits (Manages Empties)
4. Strict security
5. Full scanning including Weight & Price embedded barcode labels
6. Touch screen Interface with Cooking messages & remote (Kitchen) Printers
7. Self Learning mode - create products in seconds!
8. Easy to use
9. VERY affordable 

Business Point of Sale Software (POS) at Inexpensive prices,
NO Yearly Licence fees &Free Upgrades!

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Whether you need POS software for your Retail (Supermarket), Butchery, Liquor Store,  Hospitality (Restaurant), Arts & Crafts, Music, books or ANY business that handles Cash & Stock, you are at the right place!

It is even perfect as a standard quote & invoicing program!

An introduction from Markus - a very proud owner!


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POS in a BOX

Our software is ideal for :

Arts & Crafts
Cell Phone
Dry Cleaning
Fast Food
Furniture & Home Decor Stores
General Retail
Hardware & Paint
Hair Salon
Liquor Store
Spares & Tyres & many,many more!


22 reasons why 4POS is the BEST POS system for your Liquor / Bottle store!
24 reasons why 4POS is the BEST POS system for your Fast Food Outlet or Restaurant!
24 reasons why 4POS is the BEST POS system for your Supermarket or General Retail Store!

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Welcome to the 4POS Application Suite of Programs

The 4POS Suite has been in development since 2002 in conjuction with our 18,000+ customers & personnel with a combined experience of more than 100 years in the POS & Retail marketplace.

We Specialize in POS & ensuring our customers take control of their businesses again!
Whether you are a small business or a multi-branch company - our Suite of programs is ideal for you!

Our software is distributed by a multitude of professionals from Afghanistan to Australia & everyone in between.
Be assured that we will protect your investment with NO Licence fees & free Upgrades!

We believe we are the market leaders & intend to stay in front!

The suite consists of :

4POS - A POS system with Stock Control, Debtors, Creditors & POS (Touchscreen & Scanning).

4AIR - Allows you to sell Airtime from your 4POS System & earn you HUGEprofits!

4MEAT - A Meat block-test program to ensure your maximizing your profits in the cutting of meat carcasses.

4VEG - A Fruit & Veg production system to control the profitability & stock of every purchase from the market.

4LIQUOR - A stock take utility for your open spirit bottles in a pub or restaurant that calculates the number of tots left in the bottle!

4LODGE - A reservation system to manage your Lodge, Bed & Breakfast or Hotel.

4CLOCK - A clock-in system to control the time & attendance of your staff.

4PAY - A payroll system to calculate your staff wages & salaries & ALL deductions - statutory (By law) or otherwise. It even has a leave register to help with all those days taken off.

4JOBS - A Job-card system to control all your repairs & tasks that you & your company does. Full serial tracking per Job.

4CRM - A customer relationship management system to allow your sales personnel to call every potential customer when agreed to & also to keep track of the potential value of your sales & also how successfull your closing skills are!

We offer Telephonic & Internet support!

Support number : 010-500-4176 (Monday - Friday 08h00-17h00)
or click here to see our other support options available.

Please feel free to call us on +27 (010) 500-4176 for advice,
or simply to find out how you can enhance your 4POS system.

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Mission Statement

Our future lies in developing Reliable, Inexpensive Software that the Independently Minded Retailer can utilize to increase the profitability of their businesses!

For too long business owners had to rely on antiquated technologies to gauge & manage their businesses.

For too long has the costs of reliable software been dictated to them by a few & were they held at ransom.

Now the biggest dealer network of support staff are available to assist with your business tools & ensure that you're downtime is no more!

We are fully committed to our distributors, dealers & customers to ensure that your MOST IMPORTANT TOOL now delivers what has been promised!

Our reputation of 20+ years in these industries is our testament