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4POS voucher numbers now activated online only! No more sms options. No more CD keys. No exceptions.

If you have installed 4POS & it prompts you for a CD key - you need to download & install the NEW 4POS version. CD keys are no longer used or supported & NO, we cannot make exceptions....

Author Topic: 4POS Supermarket Database  (Read 6080 times)

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4POS Supermarket Database
« on: April 10, 2011, 12:38:40 PM »

A complete Database for your Supermarket or convenience Store!

Preloaded with 54,000 stock Items! Suppliers & Shrinks (1x6x12x24) already set up.

Use only when you have NOT created any products yet or NOT registered your 4POS system !

You simply need to activate the products you sell by individually setting them up or by activating our learning mode! The learning mode will enable you to go "Live" within a couple of minutes! Once you downloaded the database, extract & copy the included pricing.mdb to any folder.

Download Now!

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