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Author Topic: Allocating a specific item to a specific salesman when ringing it up  (Read 1925 times)

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I desperately need a feature to allocate a specific item which is sold to a specific salesman when the customer pays at the till.
There are sales staff responsible for different departments in the shop and I want to know which sales staff are not pulling their weight.

Example: Salesman 1 sold the customer a toaster from his department and Salesman 2 a TV from his department.
- Cashier scans item (toaster) and selects 1 (Salesman 1) before scanning next item
- Cashier scans item (tv) and selects 2 (Salesman 2) before scanning next item

No calculating of commissions are needed. ONLY a total for each salesman at the end of the day/month.  There is a permanent cashier on duty.

I have requested this feature before.  A busy season lies ahead and I will be willing to pay for this feature.

Hope you can help?

Kind regards