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Author Topic: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades  (Read 28257 times)

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4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« on: November 14, 2013, 11:24:18 AM »

STOP! This is only for customers that are running the latest - After 18.3 version! If you are running ANY other version - Run the NEW installer first! Click here : http://www.4pos.co.za/support/index.php/topic,931.0.html

The latest version of 4POS ( Now version 18.11.2 ) for your 32 & 64 bit Windows system.

Get the latest features which have been updated to make you even MORE PROFITABLE!

Want to watch a quick video?

Download Now!

Although this post is not being updated - we are DAILY adding features to the 4POS Software for the Independently Minded Retailer!

We have logged over 26,000 development hours since November 2015!

You can only run 4POSSqlEXEUpgrades if you are already running version 18.3 or later!! (This is only the upgrades of the NEW 4POS 18.3 EXE upgrades & not the conversion!)

If your Anti-virus is blocking the download or the upgrade, disable the protection for 1 hour. Then download & run the upgrade. Once the upgrade is done, you are welcome to scan the 4POS & 4POSServer folder to double check.

We simply cant make it ANY easier!

In this version, we have added the following Major Changes :

1. 4POSTouch now has the feature of adding gif pictures to the buttons. Text & pics available on same button!
2. 4POSScan now has the feature of showing a pic of the item that you are selling.... has been asked years ago, & we have now implemented it. Ideal for our material merchants that wishes to see a pic of the product as they are selling it!
3. Dealer request : item search on Stock take adjustments.
4. Buffers (Memory) cleared on reports when you have selected a product.
5. Ditto for barcode printing.
6. VAT report currency sign & spelling.
7. GRV sub-total not displayed correctly.
8. 4POSTouch Counter not displayed correctly from first sale.
9. Allocate payments to Invoice - screen size increased to allow for easier editing.
10. 4POSScan & 4POSTouch - Cards, Chqs, Payout field size increased to cater for 6 digits before the decimal.
11. Process GRV - barcode and/or quick key not printed.
12. Monthend show complete whilst still processing.
13. 4POSBackup improved for Winrar & 2nd PC options.
14. New floor layout design program - lets please fix all those ugly layouts!!
15. Automatic screensaver when 4POSTouch is idle.
16. Declaration report & product performance by declaration added. This is ideal for customers that need to balance stock by shift.
17. Airtime sales now included in 4POS! Click here for more details...

18. Full MsSql database

20/3/2018 :

19. Restore utility added under utilities. More info to follow
20. 4POSInitialize added under utilities. Used for WIPING your sales - do not use if you are unsure!

Passwords the same as before dd##mm


1. Backup improved. First backup will take long but thereafter will do an update of the backup - much faster...
2. Barcode label creation & print redone - please test & let us know.


1. Restore functions added under utilities.
2. Preloaded database option under utilities.
3. Backup improved
4. Ability to now enter voucher number & re-register 4POS on a new pc (If you don't have a backup)
5. Ability to change your store name (Store setup - General parameters)
6. Barcode label create & print improved...

Adding to our list for 2018 : Bitcoin interface directly from 4POS! By April latest you would be able to accept Bitcoin in your store. Process payments in seconds, safe & secure with your own digital wallet. Ja ja, we know... Bitcoin strugling to make this happen. We didn't say which April....

4Touch App Ready ! Android & Apple iOS : https://youtu.be/dW_kVD4Z0z8

Again, our standard licence agreement applies. More info to follow....

New Credit Card Interface now in development!

New 4POS Loyalty App now in development!
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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 01:46:40 PM »

So lots of aggravation, threats etc about the upgrades so let us try to put things in perspective :

From a Customer :

I don’t want the update, because 4pos alway works perfectly without update.  Could you please teach me to disable the automatic update option. 
Regards frank

Our reply :

You can simply cancel when prompted…

We are not going to disable the upgrade options as we are improving on functionality….

For example, some of our customers are now reaching the magical number of 32,878 GRV’s in their database so we had to change that.

You will possibly also get an error in the future due to that. Without the upgrade you will email & we would not know what version you are running & whether an issue has been resolved….

So, 20 emails later we will simply tell you to upgrade….

So, no change…

We have customers that run versions from 2002, 2007 etc. Every day we receive emails with “errors” then to find out that it is an issue that was resolved years ago!

Can you imagine how many thousands of times we had to do a "repair" on an old MsAcess database? We have given - free of charge - a MsSql database as part of 4POS.

Any tech can testify that this is a MAJOR improvement...

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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2018, 10:23:55 AM »

Question from a customer :

I have not been able to do any database repair after your last login? When I want to do it by the maintenance i get this error when I want to go in.after ok, i do the data repair but  nothing pops up after, no database repair done or anything. I want to do a repair, I keep getting errors on the controller.

Answer :

Your system is now running a Microsoft Sequel database & no longer a Microsoft access database so 4POSMaintenance no longer works.

If you are getting errors on your 4POSController that refers to MsSql problems, it is most likely due to the Mssql “service” that has stopped.

This is often due to your computer going to sleep or the HDD that has gone to sleep. Ensure your power management is totally turned off - in fact go into advanced & check all the options especially for HDD)

1.   Restart your PC
2.   Open the 4POSBackoffice to ensure the Sql service is running (The 4POSBackoffice will force the service to restart)
3.   Open the Controller
4.   If that still fails – (which I doubt) : Control panel – administrative tools – services – go to Sql Server 2012 & restart.
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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2018, 09:19:15 AM »

Getting a message that the versions differ ?

1. Close all 4POS programs
2. Browse your pc to c:\4posupgrade & run 4POSSqlExeUpgrades.exe

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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2018, 05:16:31 PM »

Bug found in version 18.10.1

Gives a Boolean (Conditional) error whilst doing a GRV... Fixed...


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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2018, 05:16:48 PM »

4POS Version 18.10.2

Release dd 11/10/2018

Bug fix uploaded for error on GRV.....

1. Gp% included whilst doing GRV (GRV Template must be modified)
2. Notes on Stock Item added
3. GRV now shows notes added in #2 here...
4. Negative Deposit report shows all warehouse or only selected...
5. Deposit transfeer wizard between warehouses fixed.
6. Changes made in controller to accommodate airtime sales when "Quick Cashup" selected.
7. Changes made to 4POSTouch for customers using scale items with weights & at the same time using Touch buttons.
8. 4POSTouch - finalise a sale error on accounts when printing before the finalisation total.
9. Product performance by Promotion added
10. Declaration report fixed not to include Account sales in total.
11. 4POSScan pole display now closes on exit.


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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #6 on: October 16, 2018, 01:43:29 PM »

Teamviewer chat transcript for a PAID Teamviewer session :

Support4POS (12:23 PM):
Are you there?
@Scrapbooking (12:23 PM):
Support4POS (12:24 PM):
Let me show you how the error happens...
So, 4POS is saying that the controller version is different from backoffice....
Let check
4POSBackoffice dated 12/10/2018
4POSController dated 05/02/2018
That is the issue!
Now, go to 4POSUpgrade & run 4POSSqlEXEUpgrades.exe while all 4POS programs are closed
No 4POS programs...
Clearly states that do not change the folder....
BUT, yours is showing c:\cd4pos....
Now, test
As you can see all working...
Anything else?
@Scrapbooking (12:32 PM):
i can not befieve it, i think get so upset and angry that i miss read and did not pay attention.
Support4POS (12:32 PM):
I think it is a trust issue....
Customers think we do it on purpose to make it difficult & as you can see - very simple
@Scrapbooking (12:34 PM):
Thanks, think I will be able to update sales
Support4POS (12:34 PM):
Doing some cleaning up...
Support4POS (12:47 PM):
Oops - your database has been wiped out...

You did a repair or reinstall?
@Scrapbooking (12:48 PM):
did a repair
Support4POS (12:48 PM):
What was the last date that everything worked?
Looks like the 5th of October?
@Scrapbooking (12:50 PM):
that correct and on the 8th in the morning i was promped to do the update
Support4POS (12:50 PM):
ok - lets recover the backup
No backups on the 5th
Trying the first backup on the 13th...
@Scrapbooking (12:52 PM):
no last was the 29 sept the rest i am not sure
Support4POS (12:52 PM):
Lets see the 13th first
@Scrapbooking (12:52 PM):
Support4POS (12:52 PM):
23 months in that backup...
So on the 13th already reloaded / wiped the database - showing 4pos demo...
Lets try the 29th...
Support4POS (12:59 PM):
No data showing for the 29th backup
This backups was done AFTER monthend
Trying 26th...
Support4POS (01:14 PM):
Ok, so the backup on the 26th is ok
Transactions for the 27th & 29 is there so we can recoveer them
Can we do it as 1 dayend?
@Scrapbooking (01:14 PM):
thanks, yes
Support4POS (01:14 PM):
1 sec
Support4POS (01:18 PM):
Your backup folder does not exist as shown on screen - that is why no backups are done automatically!
Do not change the folder...
backup has been set to F: but no F: drive on your pc....
Changing to c:\4pos...
Support4POS (01:24 PM):
Ok - all transactions recovered, backup fixed & monthend done...
Now recovering transactions for October
Support4POS (01:31 PM):
All done
Transactions up the 5th recovered & dayend done.
You need to capture invoices from the 5th.
Bear in mind that all products created, price changes done etc since the 26th (Backup recovered) will need to be re-done
@Scrapbooking (01:32 PM):
thank you,
Ok got that, just to be clear i have to do a back up to external say once a week just to be safe
Support4POS (01:34 PM):
Yes, you can do that manually by copying c:\4pos\backup to your external drive
@Scrapbooking (01:35 PM):
ok will do so and in future I wil READ AND RE READ the file description, and not ASUME that it is correct in the first place
Support4POS (01:35 PM):
last suggestion - when you have an issue - relax & dont start doing all sorts of steps...

teamviewer session Ended 13h37


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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2018, 05:52:04 PM »

Version 18.11.1

4POS Promotion changes done - Thank you Werner!

1. 4POS Promotions now shows you the List Cost & GP% for the standard & promotional pricing. Allows you to ensure that you still make a profit!
2. 4POS Promotion report added to show the GP% for a specific promotion that you ran - the sales figures & GP% achieved...
3. 4POSUpgrades now fully automated - no more selecting the wrong folder path & fights fights fights... (Sometimes we do listen......)
4. GRV pack size column increased
5. Stock item includes a "NOTES" column (255 characters) that you can use to highlight upcoming promotions from the suppliers or any other reminder...
6. These "NOTES" to appear on GRV screen & Order processing as well...
7. 4POS Name change emailer improved to retry 5 times for slow internet users...
8. 4POSBackOffice now will fix the regional settings automatically w.r.t. decimal point & digit grouping symbol...
9. 4POSInstaller now uses 4POSSql SP4 for NEW Win10 pc's - the previous version for sql did not work on brand new WIN10 pc's...
10. History of stock items fixed - weekly sales is now calculated based on dates ...
11. MAJOR fix : When doing a GRV on 1 pc - the database will be locked & other pc's not able to do Stock edits... Also errors on 4POSController due to this...
12. 4POSEnterprise - Inter Branch Stock transfer from 4POSScan fixed.
13. 4POSTouch fixed with cooking messages with MORE than 255 characters...
14. 4POSScan - total qty on receipt fixed w.r.t. weighed items. Any fraction items will now be counted as 1 & not as the weight.
15. Bill of materials will now test for circular reference - tot to bottle & bottle to tot...
16. 4POS Learning mode fixed for shrink items...
17. MAJOR fix : GRV's now also cater for GP% on screen - need to change your GRV Templates to incorporate it.
18. GRV templates can now be renamed & newly created...

Wow - many more small parts... Enjoy!


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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #8 on: November 14, 2018, 08:32:46 PM »

Version 18.11.2

4POS now sports some nice graphics...

1. Total sales & Sales graphs per sales Channel for the last 14 days... Simply click on daily Sales Chart... (See attachments)
    Also click on next page or print to see all...
2. Android Stock Take Import fixed.
3. Order to GRV sequence fixed.
4. 4POSEnterprise Interbranch transfer to GRV fixed
5. 4POSBackup improved by copying backup to 2nd POS (Other than localhost) copied in the event that the server crashes...
    If a standalone pc, backup also copied to 4POSSupport folder

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Re: 4POS 32 & 64 bit Upgrades
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2018, 08:36:57 PM »

 & Totals sales accross ALL sales channels.... Last 45 days per day...