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Author Topic: 4POS Version 17.12 beta version  (Read 577 times)

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4POS Version 17.12 beta version
« on: August 09, 2017, 08:00:34 PM »

The Latest & Greatest!

This is our new BETA version of 4POS.

In future, we will release a BETA (TEST) version in advance of the official release.

The purpose of this is to alleviate the issue of errors that may have crept in when we have done our extensive testing.

In this version, we have added the following Major Changes :

1. 4POSTouch now has the feature of adding gif pictures to the buttons. Text & pics available on same button!
2. 4POSScan now has the feature of showing a pic of the item that you are selling.... has been asked years ago, & we have now implemented it. Ideal for our material merchants that wishes to see a pic of the product as they are selling it!
3. Dealer request : item search on Stock take adjustments.
4. Buffers (Memory) cleared on reports when you have selected a product.
5. Ditto for barcode printing.
6. VAT report currency sign & spelling.
7. GRV sub-total not displayed correctly.
8. 4POSTouch Counter not displayed correctly from first sale.
9. Allocate payments to Invoice - screen size increased to allow for easier editing.
10. 4POSScan & 4POSTouch - Cards, Chqs, Payout field size increased to cater for 6 digits before the decimal.
11. Process GRV - barcode and/or quick key not printed.
12. Monthend show complete whilst still processing.
13. 4POSBackup improved for Winrar & 2nd PC options.
14. New floor layout design program - lets please fix all those ugly layouts!!
15. Automatic screensaver when 4POSTouch is idle.

4POS Airtime in development - live airtime straight from 4POS Scanning!

We have now started redeveloping 4POS on Microsoft Sequel Express. we should achieve a 50% increase on performance across all programs. No more compacts on databases, better stability!

ETA for end of 2017 / beginning 2018!

Again, our standard licence agreement applies. Use with care & backups!

Download here :


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