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4POS now requires that you have a valid voucher for ALL Pc's connected to the database.

Author Topic: 4POS Conversion from ANY 4POS version  (Read 1556 times)

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4POS Conversion from ANY 4POS version
« on: March 01, 2018, 11:14:21 AM »

Our new 4POS installer - allows an upgrade from ANY 4POS version.

Simply download & install the NEW installer on the original server pc & it will convert your database from the old to the new automatically.

If you are using a NEW server pc - one that doesn't have a 4POS installed previously
(or "LOST" your database OR want to restore from a OLD backup) :

1. Download & install the new CD4POS.
2. Ensure 4POSBackoffice opens up as normal - click on register later.
3. Create a folder c:\4possupport\mdb
4. Copy ALL your old MDB files to that folder. (Including the month files!)
5. Open the 4POSBackoffice.exe again - it will now convert the old mdb files to the MsSql database.
6. Once completed, Open the 4POSBackoffice & enjoy...


Youtube video :

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Re: 4POS Conversion from ANY 4POS version
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2018, 11:27:14 AM »

I need your assistance .I recently installed version16.10 and received a message when i open back office that version has expired .i download the new version 18. but everytime i put in the voucher number i receive a email to confirm to move license to new PC.I confirmed 5 times already and still cant open my back office pleas i need assistance .


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Re: 4POS Conversion from ANY 4POS version
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2018, 05:45:04 AM »

It is critical that you run version 18.6.4 or later

We are not developing on any other version anymore. The "move" issue has been resolved months ago.

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Re: 4POS Conversion from ANY 4POS version
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2018, 07:09:12 PM »


What a mission to convert right?

Not true! Every customer we assist with the conversion makes the same basic mistakes!

Steps now in words seeing that customers simply don't watch the step by step video that we made :

1. Ensure you are running Windows 7 Service pack or better - meaning Windows 8, Windows 10 - any Versions...
2. If you are running Windows 7 :
2.1. Go into your control panel & click on System. If it states Windows 7 but NOT Service Pack 1 - you need to update your Windows
2.2. In the Control panel - Click on Windows update & do the updates! Even if it installs updates, go back & check if it states Services pack 1 - if not - click update again!
2.3. On some PC's you need to do this a few times - call Bill Gates & tell him it is a stupid idea - not us....

3. Now finally, once you have the latest Windows update - run the CD4POS.exe you have downloaded.
4. This will run smoothly & also might restart your pc - if so, restart & run it again unitil 4POS is installed!
5. Now open the 4POSBackoffice & ensure the conversion of Microsoft Access to Microsoft Sql completes.
6. If ANY errors pop up - NO, we cannot just know what the issue is - on some databases it is passwords, corruption, missing / faulty tables / duplicate records etc etc. We don't KNOW....
7. Well you are one of the lucky ones that get to pay us a measly R800 to sort out your database. & NO, we didn't design it that way to make some money - trust us - we have better things to do!
   (On some PC's we have to copy the database to our PC's because you don't have Microsoft Access or many other possibilities!)

8. Lastly - once you have installed, converted & got your 4POSBackoffice open - Check your data!!!!

In quite a few cases, we assisted through all the steps only to find customers in their wisdom has copied OLD data back - some from December 2017! Now, of course "someone" must have done that...

Lastly - come on people, where did the kindness go? What is all this aggression about?

Want to complain - call your mother - she will be kind enough to listen - we are only here to help with 4POS ....

Obviously a very frustrated Admin.....