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Author Topic: In development...  (Read 26 times)

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In development...
« on: January 13, 2019, 11:00:24 AM »

A summary :

A Cashbook system catering for :

1. Multiple bank accounts (Including safety boxes / safes.
2. Catering for all expenses & income (Automatically imported from all 4POS Applications
3. A Bank reconciliation system to cater for the manual capture or importing of bank statements to do recons.
4. Also catering for outstanding cashbook transactions to be carried forward at month end.
5. Multiple allocation of every transaction to various accounts. (Eg. One cash transaction can be allocated to Payroll, petrol, stationery etc)

A General Ledger system catering for :

Multiple General Ledger accounts (eg Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expense accounts)

1. Full interface to Cashbook
2. Full financial statements & a VERY powerful reporting system where you can design the report by account & 8 levels of sub-totals Eg, Income Statement can be sub totaled by sales, Rental income, Other Income with a sub total & then Grand Total.
3. 14 Months to be catered for to allow end of year transactions posted after the Year-end
4. Current, Month to date, Year to date & previous Year totals available.

This is a financial system that we marketed & sold over 30 years ago & have now decided to give it a new look & technical specifications.

Available by December 2019 (Most likely sooner...)
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