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Title: 4POS Installation
Post by: Admin on July 03, 2015, 05:07:55 PM
A fully functional 4POS System for your 32 bit OR 64 bit Windows operation system. Supports all Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 systems. Also supports combinations of pc's in your network. (You can have 1 pc WinXp, 1 with Win7 - 32 bit & 1 with Win10 - 64 bit. Any Combination & any number of pc's in your 4POS network)

You can now try-before-you-buy!

Once you are satisfied that 4POS is the correct solution for your business, simply pay online from our e-commerce site & get the voucher number to permanently register you 4POS Software. You will not lose any data! 1 licence required for each POS PC that you want to use as a sales terminal.

This demo version is valid for a period of 10 (Ten) days.

Watch our getting started videos here :

New Installation 2017 :


- or -

4POS Software getting Started :


One install file for both Windows 32 bit systems (XP, Win7, Win8 or Win10 - 32 bit) or Win7, Win8 or Win10 - 64 bit


Double click on the CD4POS that you have downloaded. The installation will automatically start.

Our new Installer will now prompt you to select whether this is for the first (Server) POS pc or any other POS machine.

Once 4POS has been successfully installed, click on start & then on 4POS & 4POSOffice (The back-office program which will allow you to create your products).

Once it has responded with "An odbc link has been created", we suggest you restart your pc.

These steps are also in the manual & we strongly suggest you use it to get the most benefit out of your 4POS system!

Added : 4POS Detailed Installation Procedures :


Title: Re: Getting Started with 4POS
Post by: Admin on August 23, 2016, 06:34:09 AM
Just to wet your appetite even more... ;)


Title: Re: Getting Started with 4POS
Post by: Admin on August 23, 2016, 07:33:37 AM
Next option to be added is a sales option to scan & enter quantities. This will work on the same process as 4POSScan, but could be used in store or on the road. Perfect for reps that needs to take orders away from the office. The orders will be sent via the cloud - 4POSEnterprise. The 4POSController will grab the cloud sales file & process the sale. printing of invoices & picking slips will be automatic. Rep codes will be used to generate the sale & therefore commissions updated.

Then - 4POSTouch 4 Android - an order taker with touch buttons on the same layout as your existing 4POSTouch - processed in the same manner & then of course - kitchen printing included & automatic.

Exciting times 4 Android point of sale!

Get in early & start taking advantage!
Title: Re: Getting Started with 4POS
Post by: Admin on April 14, 2017, 05:36:27 PM
Our Android App Tablet is in testing phase for restaurants!

Now you can simply expand your POS devices by purchasing an extra 4POS licence & run 4POS on your Android device.

It will be a copy of your database, with menu selections, all products, cooking messages!

Once the order is finalised on 4POS4Restaurant, it will automatically add to your server pc the table, waiter, all products & even print to your kitchen printer/s and or BAR printer/s!

(Could also be used in a retail environment to walk around the shop with a customer & doing the invoice as they point to what they need! Possibilities galore!

This means that you will now only need 1 4POS Server & as many Android devices as you wish! Definitely the cheapest & best solution possible!

Stay posted!