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Title: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
Post by: Admin on February 21, 2015, 12:34:52 PM

It is easy to criticize. So before I get into the detail of one of our customer’s calls, let’s look at the facts.

We have changed the model for Point of Sale products in South Africa & the world! (We supply to customers from Afghanistan to Australia)

We have also shown our products in Germany (Cebit – biggest POS event in the world), Dubai & Hong Kong. At all events we realized how far ahead we are due to our unique problem of theft, stock control & cash control for small businesses! (No one in the UK needs to steal – they get paid enough & therefore the job is more important than the stolen goods)

Traditionally, a customer would buy a POS Solution from a dealer. The customer would typically pay :

1.   R4995-R9995 for a single POS Software.
2.   Installation & training – R2495 – R8000 per training session (4-8 hours)

So a typical store with 2 till points would cost the customer from R15,000 – R28,000 for Software & training ONLY! No hardware! Mic*** – one of the POS systems out there, charge R25,000-R45,000 per terminal! So when you see a store using Mic*****+++++++ – 3 till points, 4 printers etc The capital outlay would have been in excess of R150,000!

Our model :

Assume a customer has 2 x pc’s & buys 4POS, scanner, printer & cashdrawer from us or Makro – typical +- R3800 x 2 = Capital outlay of R7600

100 training videos & manuals help him to set up & train himself/herself.

1 month free internet installation support to Makro customers.

If they allow us to help – a saving of R130,000!! (Pc's excluded)

Now, lets talk about a customer. Tanya tel 021-823-****

1.   She called & struggled with installing 4POS. We ascertained that the installation file on her DVD was faulty. (There is 4gb worth of manuals etc on the DVD as well – so a SMALL part)
2.   We advised her to download the installation file from our web. 60mb only! (In terms of downloads – this is EXTREMELY small! A typical movie download is 1.5gb)
3.   She started shouting & swearing that she will not use her own data bundle to download an installation file.
4.   She insisted in talking to the owner. At the time I was busy with another customer on the phone.
5.   She shouted so loud that I had to ask my customer to please hold & walk over to the support desk & take the phone from my support agent.
6.   I told her that I am on another call & will call her back once done.
7.   After 15 minutes I did call her, only to be told “She will make her own plans”
8.   Hence the call to your store…….

Another example :
1.   Customer bought 4POS at Makro during this week.
2.   She called me also screaming & shouting.
3.   I told her there was a Non-return policy with the software & if allows me to help, we can help her.
4.   She carried on screaming & I said that I cannot help her if she does not explain the problem to me. This infuriated her even more & I calmly said she needs to calm down otherwise I will have to hang up the phone. I did hang up the phone!
5.   She called back & asked why I hung up the phone. I explained that I can only deal with the problem & not with a customer that keeps shouting!
6.   She decided to explain the problem.
7.   We logged into her pc & sorted out the problem in 10 minutes.
8.   On Friday I called & then sms’ed to ask if she was working on her database.
9.   She called back & we again logged in to assist. With only 2 online sessions, we now have a customer that is happy & able to manage her business properly. The business opened today!

This is the norm. We CAN & DO help thousands of customers! We have 18,000 users! We will mess up. We will have customers wanting everything for free. We will have customers that complain. As long as we can help as many customers as possible, I believe we are achieving our goal.

What is our goal? To develop Point of Sale solutions to help the small business owner to manage his business better! If we can help the small business owner, he will employ 2-3 staff & in this process we can fix the unemployment, poverty & sense of worth to all customers! I believe we do achieve this every day!

Our aim is to have 40% of the POS market share. Currently we have 22%!

What is the alternative?

1.   Raise the price of the software by R1,000 to R4,999. This will cover the support fees to help EVERY customer that buys at Makro.
2.   This will, in my opinion, drop the sales & NOT help the business owner! So the many will have to pay for the few who are unreasonable!
3.   It will NOT mean we will make all customers happy. Some customers are just born negative & wants to fight.
4.   It will also not solve the problem of customer that buy businesses in which 4POS is running. They need to pay for support & training.

Statistics :

4POS on HelloPeter :
1.   Six complaints in the last 365 days (2015). Last one in October 2014!
2.   I personally know every case. Each one was a customer that insisted we assist for free! We simply cannot do it for free anymore & therefore they want to complain to someone…
3.   1,000 4POS packages sold in Makro over the last year.
4.   Additional 2,500 packages sold through other dealers & also direct sales.
5.   So, 6/3,500 = 0.00171 In my opinion, a VERY successful story!

Just in comparison – Go & have a look at other companies...

I’m sure there is a story behind each one of them as well!

Title: Re: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
Post by: majorman747 on March 02, 2015, 08:47:11 PM

I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate the outstanding customer service that your staff provided last week. We introduced Enterprise to our business. Your staff was very attentive and helpful. The employees I interacted with, were very knowledgeable about your products line and seemed genuinely interested in helping me correct issues that met my needs rather than just being focused on making a quick job.

Because of their efforts, I was able to say I am very satisfied with my purchase. I will continue to support your products in the future, as well as recommend it to others. Please let the employees in the office, know that their efforts did not go unnoticed. You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued.

I look forward to dealing with your team again in the future.


Darren, The Coffee Theatre  ;)
Title: Re: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
Post by: Admin on April 14, 2017, 05:08:27 PM
Same story, different actors.

We still have the same issue & don't think this will stop. Some customers just simply cannot be satisfied.

We offer a DIY system! It means you need to either pay for support OR DIY.

Please dont call us to tell us how you think a software company should be run.

After 30 years we have heard all the stories.

Then of course, when you don't get us to sympathy with your pledge for free support, of course we are rude, horrible etc etc.

It is getting pretty old now!

You bought SOFTWARE, not our time, our love & a box of chocolates.

All serious software companies have the same problem & if you browse the internet, all of these companies get a bad rating if they don't jump when customer x phones.

Sir / madam, you are in the minority! 99% of our customers are quite able to install & support themselves. So if you don't want to or simply cannot find the answers / fix for your issue - pay for the service! it is NOT included.

And then, please don't expect us to hold on the line while "someone" sends you your 4POS voucher number by sms or whatsapp. No Sir, you are unreasonable!

And the 5 different individuals from one company that email from different accounts & expect us just to "KNOW" why their stock reports are showing 15,000,000. We don't! (For some of our customers, this is normal! We have many customers that do 1,000,000 & MORE turnover per day!)

We can help by logging in & having a look at your database & assisting, BUT, we don't just know!

For the same reason we would also not understand why your cashiers entered a barcode (13 digits) as a quantity on a sale & you ignored it. Then did your cashup, dayend & now expect us to just quickly explain how to fix it. And, of course get simply crazy if we expect to get paid doing it!

We do 4POS support - magicians can be found in the circus!

For our NICE customers - A BIG THANKS!! You will find us bending over backwards to assist.

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Title: Re: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
Post by: Admin on October 12, 2018, 01:39:17 PM
My latest toy - voice recording!

Should have done this years ago!


4POS Support case #1.

Threats etc all just to get free support!

Facts :

1. Did a "move" on 4POS Software.
2. Did not confirm the move.
3. Reloaded 4POS Software - demo version.
4. Most likely restored the backup from 2nd pc & then received a "Piracy" message.
5. Expect support on Whatsapp with NO support contract
6. Sends wrong voucher number so no way of determining who, what, when...
7. Then of course - blackmail - if you do not do free support then ...

Simply put - totally unreasonable!

Download a Free Trial now on www.4pos.co.za or visit our extensive knowledgebase on www.4pos.co.za/support
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Title: Re: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
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Title: Re: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
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Title: Re: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
Post by: Admin on October 24, 2018, 11:01:30 AM
Name : elsie
Email : sales.vredehiring@gmail.com

Support4POS (Me)
4POS voucher number?

I have ask for support on the system as my system have crash you have send me unlock of the program but does not work I try to load it again also the move option no result please help me on team viewer no need to load  back up want just the program to run  voucher nr 3750825582

Support4POS (Me)
1 sec

9.73KB png

what must I do now must I download

Support4POS (Me)
You registered 4POS in November 2017
You are welcome to download & install on a different pc & then register.
If you need us to get involved the costs are R800

I already paid 800 for the package have not use it only loaded it and then the computer crash have new computer and want to load it again I have 3 times to load it on this package why do I have to pay another 800 rand why is there support???

Support4POS (Me)
There is only free support for 30 days of purchase

In other words must give it back to Makro and ask my money back or get new one you did not make me aware of it.

Support4POS (Me)
Do not understand why you make false statements
As shown - you have registered the 4POS before in Nov '17
No refunds from us or Makro

I will  I have ask for assistance from January already  nothing.  Can I put you on facebook and hallo peter to report no assistance

Support4POS (Me)
Good luck
We will also post your details on our website
Title: Re: HelloPeter - this is 4POS Software responding....
Post by: Admin on June 09, 2020, 10:48:13 AM
Our support team consists of 50 specialists. But you are entitled to your opinion...

No support? No free support to a customer that bought a system in September 2019 & now 9 months later messed up & demands free support.

In fact even attempts to blackmails us :

Brad, get hold of a senior manager at Makro and insist on a refund of all 4POS equipment or software,
I will proceed to mention the service received on all social media platforms. I will also report it to Steven Botha, who is an area manager at Massmart. I will not let this go.
Poor support on a system that cannot function without support,
I will not leave tis here.
Telephone recording of us offering to help for free also available.

Now, put that in your pipe & smoke it!
From: Support - 4POS
 Sent: Monday, 08 June 2020 14:35

As explained in the manual & on website, you require a licence for every pc that connects to the 4POS Database.
W.r.t. the name difference – as explained telephonically, a name change was done – so registered on our cloud server & then a previous backup restored. Hence the difference in the database & registered names.
As explained in the manual a restore can be run even if the backoffice does not open.

From: Support - 4POS 
Sent: Monday, 8 June 2020 12:16

Subject: FW: Error message

Throughout the lockdown :

From: Leon Freeman
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2020 2:27 PM
To: 'Support - 4POS'
Subject: RE: Error message

Hi There,

Yes, FM is financial manager. I had him start using the system on my PC yesterday, and he changed the company name, and now I get the below mentioned error message.

It says I must change the name back, but it does not open the application for me to do so.

See below and advise.

Also, the PC’s are all on a LAN, so must I still have various licenses if the my PC serves as the server. Can they not just remote login into my PC?


From: Support - 4POS
Sent: Wednesday, 15 April 2020 10:42

Subject: RE: Error message

I take it FM stands for Financial Manager?

You need a 4POS voucher per pc, then you need to link / network the pc’s so the other pc can access the database…

You can use the installer you used to install the PC I worked on the other day…

Video available here :



From: Leon Freeman
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 8:00 AM
To: 'Support - 4POS'
Subject: RE: Error message

Good morning,

I want to load the program on my FM’s pc. Can you please explain how to go about that.

The software that I originally bought seems to be outdated, and the upgrade I downloaded doesn’t run.

I am sure I’m missing something small again. 



From: Support - 4POS
Sent: Monday, 13 April 2020 10:23
Subject: RE: Error message



From: Leon Freeman
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2020 8:38 AM
To: 'Support - 4POS'
Subject: RE: Error message

Good morning,

I now feel a little bit stupid. Thank you for the great service.

Have a great day.


This was on 4PAY :

From: Support - 4POS
Sent: Saturday, 11 April 2020 10:28

Subject: RE: Error message


Regional settings was not set correctly…

From: Leon Freeman
Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2020 9:38 AM
To: 'Support - 4POS'
Subject: Error message

I get the below mentioned error message when trying to edit information.

Please advise.

Teamviewer details: User 1 167 540 650