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Author Topic: Some shortcuts to make it easier...  (Read 4809 times)

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Some shortcuts to make it easier...
« on: May 03, 2018, 05:11:03 PM »

Please see the following links pertaining to our most frequently asked questions :

1. How to change your VAT % : http://www.4pos.co.za/support/index.php/topic,668.msg1478.html#msg1478
2. Dates in backoffice shows 2005 :  http://www.4pos.co.za/support/index.php/topic,525.msg1165.html#msg1165
3. Dayend dates showing wrong dates or even in the future : http://www.4pos.co.za/support/index.php/topic,46.msg82.html#msg82
4. How to upgrade from any older version : http://www.4pos.co.za/support/index.php/topic,955.0.html
    Watch here : https://youtu.be/BQbbfJns5bk
5. Done a monthend & your previous months info are gone : Sorry, no quick fix... You would have received an error when doing the monthend... & sadly you ignored it...
    If it is for 1 month ago, costs are R950 with Teamviewer... More than 1 month - we will have to quote...
6. Want to load your 4POS on a different pc : Ensure you have upgraded to version 18.5.1 or later then open 4POSBackoffice & type your old 4POS voucher number...
    Watch here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YJlTn-x0jY&index=5&list=PLEst5YWBTaV7hXVqmZr4w7CqbE74EBJRx
7. Need to do a Company name change : Ensure you have upgraded to version 18.5.1 or later
    Watch here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P4Fo0ffwjQ&list=PLEst5YWBTaV7hXVqmZr4w7CqbE74EBJRx&index=5
8. NEW - Customers upgrading from OLDER versions : http://www.4pos.co.za/support/index.php/topic,955.0.html (See last post on that Topic page)
9. The 4POS Manual is PART of the installation but you can download an updated manual here :
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Re: Some shortcuts to make it easier...
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2020, 04:24:42 AM »

Doing a Windows "Repair" on your 4POS.

It is critical that you have a backup to do this option!

1. Go into control Panel - programs & Features
2. Click on 4POS & select repair
3. 4POS will now be reset to a "Demo" version
4. Open 4POSBackOffice register LATER!
5. Under utilities, restore your LATEST 4POSBackup (Master password explained in the 4POS Manual!)
6. Reopen 4POSBackoffice & Check your data!
7. Open 4POSController
8. Do an Update POS - Update all from your 4POSBackoffice
9. Open 4POSScan / 4POSTouch

Ps. If you have missing sales transactions, they can be retrieved from c:\4posserver\data\Server or any of the POS folders. Suggest you ask a qualified 4POS Tech to assist. (obviously not for free)

Also, ALL backoffice price changes, settings, Customer & Supplier info that you have done SINCE the backup will have to be redone!
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