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Title: How to connect more terminals to your 4POS System
Post by: Admin on July 02, 2013, 10:00:13 AM
After hundreds/thousands of phone calls, discussions, arguments, fights etc.....

Finally - a demo video to show all our users & especially our dealers how to set up 4POS on your backoffice / second (2nd) or multiple machines......

Title: Re: How to connect more terminals to your 4POS System
Post by: Admin on June 10, 2020, 08:48:01 AM
Also for John & many other customers :

A simple installation with 1 or more licence key & 1 or many POS systems or backoffices

Firstly - remember that 4POS requires a licence for very PC that will connect to the 4POS database.

So :

1. Simply register the main pc with the 4POS voucher/s of all the terminals / backoffices that you will be using.
2. Share the harddrive & ensure that the option “Allow network users to change my files” is selected (Win XP). On Win7/Win8/Win10 - Go into Security & ensure that "Everyone" is added & has Full Read / Write privileges under security! (See full networking FAQ's in the 4POS Manual)
3. Do a 4POSBackup!
4. On the 2nd & all other pc’s – Install 4POS as a POS & not as server!
4.1. If you have accidentally installed it as a server as well :
4.1.1. Run Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Administrative Tools - services & stop Sql server & Sql Server Browser
4.1.2. Once stopped - delete c:\4posserver folder (On the terminal / 2nd / 3rd pc only!)
4.1.3. Start the services again
5. Open up 4posbackoffice & point to server pc eg \\server\c\4posserver\db.ini
6. Open up 4POSBackoffice again to confirm it opens & you can log in
7. Now do a 4POS Update POS.
8. Ensure that the 4POS Controller on the main pc shows all terminals & as ACTIVE & CONNECTED !
9. On the POS machines, open up 4POSScan to ensure it shows the company name & all products that you have created.

 Do NOT use mapping!

Title: Re: How to connect more terminals to your 4POS System
Post by: Admin on September 27, 2020, 02:21:39 AM
Mail from a customer :

Good day

My 2nd pc crashed and I need to move the 2nd voucher number to a new pc

How do I do that

Thank you

Reply :


Simply install 4POS on another pc as a terminal & then follow the same steps as explained in our networking video.

Remember to change the POS IP address in the backoffice to be the same as the pc that crashed…

Meaning... IF you had POS2 in your Backoffice with an IP address of POS2 - ensure the new terminal is also called POS2... or change the IP address to the new PC name...