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Author Topic: Guideline to convert customers From OLDER versions  (Read 16453 times)

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Guideline to convert customers From OLDER versions
« on: January 11, 2017, 06:36:11 AM »

Guideline to convert customers From version 15.6 or before to the new 4POS.

This is for all customers. Cannot be used on Windows XP as a server PC anymore...

Customer that have already upgraded to version 16.10 or later, do not need to enter the 4POS voucher numbers again.

Older Customers can ONLY upgrade if they have ALL the voucher numbers for their terminals!

4POS Voucher lookups.

Prior to October 2016, we used an sms system to generate 4POSVoucher numbers.

A customer would have purchased from a number of vendors & was "supposed" to receive the 4POS box and the 4POS Voucher number.

This voucher number was then sms'ed to a number we provided at the time.

Our registration system would then have recorded the voucher number against the cell number from which the sms came & then sms'ed the old licence (CD key) back to the customer's number.

If the vendor or dealer did this for a customer, the voucher number would be recorded against the cell number of the vendor.

In this instance, you would have to ask your vendor for the voucher number as his number would then be recorded on the system, & not yours.

The system did not keep any company info against this number, so we would not know the number for "AC Plumbing" or any other business name.

It is advisable to make a full backup BEFORE you start to an external drive.

We will not accept any liability, financial or otherwise if you wipe out your system & data!

You only need to run the normal installer now. The installer is found here :

Download Now!

Our new Installer will install the new 4POS & automatically convert your data from the older version to the new.

This download file is about 650mb & it contains all files required to do the automated conversion.

Important to NOT use other voucher numbers that you may get from someone else as only 1
company will be allowed to use 1 voucher as the main registration or for any POS terminals.

If the voucher is attempted to be used again, the system will not allow it. If the 2nd
customer now can prove the ownership of the voucher, the 1st customer's system will become
invalid & will not be able to work.

All of these instances will be investigated & reported back within 72 hours.

The 4POS Team

Ps. We do not offer a lookup service for voucher numbers. If you do not have your 4POS voucher numbers, you will need to purchase a new licence.

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