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Author Topic: Need to move your 4POS licence to a new pc?  (Read 6286 times)

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Need to move your 4POS licence to a new pc?
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:00:59 AM »

We have now also allowed customers to "move" 4POS from 1 pc to another.

This will happen when you have possibly :

1. Installed the licence on a pc that is not the main pc (The licenced copy with the 4POSDomain Controller running).
2. The pc you have installed it on has been stolen or not working anymore.

So, here goes :

If you simply want to load 4POS on a NEW pc - You don't want / need the old data from the original pc :

1. Download & Install the NEW 4POS on to the new / other pc.
2. When you open the 4POSBackOffice  & are prompted to enter the voucher number - simply enter the voucher number & press <TAB> on your keyboard.
3. 4POS will now check the cloud registrations & start the "move" process. That is to move the voucher number to this pc & hard drive.

If you need to get all your old data :

If you were running the NEW 4POS - After June 2018 (Version 18.6 or later) follow Section 1 otherwise follow section 2.

*** Section 1 : (SQL database backup) ***

1. Download & Install the NEW 4POS on to the new / other pc.
2. Open the 4POSBackoffice program  & click register later
3. Click <OK> on the username & password (This is the demo database so your passwords will not work...)
4. Go to Utilities & select Restore Backup - browse to your backup file / folders that you would have copied to a flash from the OLD pc...

** Section 2 : (OLD MDB files) **

1. Download & Install the NEW 4POS on to the new / other pc.
2. Restore your backups from your "OLD" PC by copying *.mdb (pricing.mdb, waitron.mdb, monthx.mdb) to the new pc c:\4possupport\mdb folder.
3. Open the 4POSBackoffice.
4. 4POS will now do a database conversion automatically. If it brings up any errors - you would need specialised help....
5. Once completed, reopen the 4POSBackOffice.
6. The registration Wizard will now show all your company details.Simply enter your original 4POS Voucher number
7. Depending on which "OLDER" version you were running, you will now be prompted that this voucher has been licenced on a different pc & do you wish to "move" the licence to this new pc or simply carry on to register.
8. When you click on "yes", an email will be sent to your registered email address with a link to authorise the move.
9. Once you have received the email - please check your junkmail etc folders as we have no control over your email..., click on the link to authorise the move...
10. Now, re-open the 4POSBackoffice & the voucher will be moved to your new pc.

**** Important !!!!!  **** Only 10 "moves" will be allowed & once reached, you will lose your licence & have to purchase a new one. This is normal business practice for many software companies to prevent piracy! Please don't even try to move this between 2 pc's daily as you are trying to save a measly R999!

Simple question - how much turnover are you generating by using 4POS? In our estimation, about R1,250,000,000 is generated per day using 4POS!!!!

Please don't ask our clever president to try & say that number.....

:-) The 4POS Team
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Re: Need to move your 4POS licence to a new pc?
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2020, 10:27:31 PM »

Good Evening. I moved the 4pos server to new Pc successfully and restored the backup. Everything works fine until you do a dayend. It states it is a demo version, although the company name appears on the back office, the license is verified and activated. I then connect to the internet, and then i can do a day end. The next day, same story. If i am not connected to the internet, it refuses to allow me to do a day-end as it states it is a demo. The client does not have internet ( yet ). Apart from having to connect every 30 days to verify, this is extremely frustrating. Any way to fix this please?


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Re: Need to move your 4POS licence to a new pc?
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2020, 11:05:46 AM »

Connect your internet & verify the licence from "Help" in the backoffice.

Why customers would not invest in a MTN dongle with some data in the year 2020 is beyond me.

I cant imagine doing business without internet! Even for a liquor store or any other business!