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Author Topic: How to set up your Pizza shop with 4POS  (Read 3585 times)

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How to set up your Pizza shop with 4POS
« on: January 20, 2021, 10:07:49 AM »

Question from a customer :

I have recently bought the 4POS system for my PIZZA takeaway shop.

I am busy setting up, but was wondering what whould be the best way.

The shop has 4 x sizes of pizza (in other words 4 products) and 4 other products.  There are 42 x  pizzas (recipes) and the other products have each 5 recipes.  We have extras, about 25 items.  Sometimes the customer wants to swop, or take-off from existing recipes.
Can you perhaps give me a guideline how to set-up?

My idea was to select size of pizza or other (product) first. Then select recipe, then extras, swops and lastly take-offs. 

How will I proceed to do that?  Must I list each size and recipe under stock or have various lists that pop-up with the prior selection.  Example, cash sale, select “medium”, then Hawaiin, then extra feta. 


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Re: How to set up your Pizza shop with 4POS
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2021, 10:08:38 AM »

Speed on ringing up the item is critical…

So I normally set up – on the main menu –
Small Pizza
Medium Pizza
Large Pizza

Then on each “Page” set up all the small / med / large pizzas or if you don’t have a BIG selection – all on 1 page.

Now you can sell…

Then – on the small Pizza screen – a button for No’s & Extras – this will be linked to stock items to work out your stock better… BUT no price on the No’s..

Same for Med & Large…

Similar concept for Swops – Eg. An item that will say no Seafood – linked to cooking message for all the seafood items & once selected it will then bring up the “Swop to” page for other seafood or all items…

Eg. No Seafood – possible options : Prawns, calamari, mussels & then swop for : prawns, calamari, mussels, steak, ribs, avo, etc etc

This way a customer can order a prawn pizza & swop for a calamari pizza…

It takes time, but once configured – it works well & you wont loose money…

Then w.r.t. Bill of Materials – do the BOM for a Small Margherita then Small Hawaiian has 1 x Small Margherita plus ham plus pineapple… Medium would be 1.5 of small & large 2 x small (In other words – you only do the full breakdown of a small margherita…

You can also add the small / medium / large boxes in or create an item for small prep item which will have a BOM of the box, serviette etc.

Hope this makes sense…